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Looking to arrange In-Person Professional Development? When safe to do so, our team will begin making in-person visits. Visit our In-Person Consulting Page (here).

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Staff Virtual PD Options:

On-Going Remote PD | Custom Workshops

Webinars | Virtual Conference Day

Leadership Support Options:

Remote Learning Review | Decision-Making Support

Remote Learning Support

K-12 Literacy Professional Learning | Literacy Professional Development | Literacy Consulting

Christopher Lehman, Founding Director of The Educator Collaborative talks about Remote Learning Support in his Spring 2020 Gathering Pre-Session


We have extensive experience in online professional development for K-12 Literacy pedagogy and remote learning. Including:

Standards Integration

Literacy Content and Pedagogy

Reading and Writing Workshop

Bi/Multilingual Pedagogy


Culturally Responsive Pedagogy

Content Area Literacy

Differentiation for IEPs

Trauma-Informed Pedagogy

Digital Literacy

Virtual Learning Methods

Literacy Leadership Methods

Instructional Coaching

Curriculum Design

Family Engagement

And many more!

Research-Driven, Whole Child Informed, Practical

Since it's founding, The Educator Collaborative has been at the forefront of online learning communities and online professional development. We are seasoned in creating a blend of synchronous and asynchronous professional development for literacy educators. In fact, our own internal professional development model, formed over years of study, has be cited by members and our Associate cohorts as some of the most impactful learning they have every been involved in.

We have a range of ways of supporting you and your colleagues, whether you are an individual educator seeking to grow your literacy practice for an online environment or a school or district looking for literacy professional development options to support your staff leading distance learning.

Our team is made up of recognized experts in literacy education, and as our Think Tank is comprised of practicing classroom teachers, leaders, professors, authors, and consultants, we have practical, real world experience with the challenges and opportunities of this current Distance Learning time we are all navigating.

Let's be clear: No one knows the exact best way to do this current moment, to this scale and with this rushed roll out, under these challenging and frightening circumstances. Anyone saying they do is likely not being critically conscious enough.

What we can promise is to provide the inspiring, practical, and caring professional development support we have been known for, one that provides practical expertise and purposeful collaborative problem-solving. As always, we believe collaboration leads to opportunity.

District/School Remote Learning Professional Development

On-Going Literacy PD for School Staff

  • Based on The Educator Collaborative's rigorous and inspiring online, adult-learning model, our staff can work with you to develop a responsive and rigorous online PD model that meets your goals and budget.
    • Online Literacy PD is designed for inspiring learning:
      • designed with your goals, to support full literacy staff or key cohorts
      • expert lesson and method modeling, including linking practical classroom application to research
      • facilitated planning that supports staff immediately putting theory into practice
      • social-emotionally responsive—providing community and trauma-informed support in a distance-learning setting
      • are digital classroom practical, built from The Educator Collaborative’s deep, K-12 literacy expertise and digital pedagogy

Our model has inspired and supported educators’ literacy development for years


Distance Learning Literacy Consultations - Help For District and School Decision Makers


The Educator Collaborative team are experts in K-12 pedagogy, curriculum, anti-bias education, multingual education, digital literacy, content area literacy, and more. Our team members can be engaged to provide District, School, or Team level consultation support. Here are a few common formats:

Virtual School "Snapshot":

Similar to an in-person site evaluation, but for the Distance Learning model, our staff can provide a review of your current literacy-based courses, assignments, and teaching methodologies.

The goal of this review is to provide you with a strengths-based understanding of your current system.

  • We can help you get a global look at your current virtual school setting and help you see what expertise lies within your current staff that you can further leverage; what structures and formats are effective; what methods, tasks, assignments, and resources are effectively meeting the needs of students.

  • You will also be provided with a report of strengths, recommendations, and next steps based on our expertise in online learning, and research-based literacy and leadership.

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