New York State educators: We are an Approved CTLE Sponsor. Every hour participating in school-based consulting = an hour earned.*

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We specialize in research-based K-12 literacy pedagogy.

Our primary purpose is to empower teachers to provide high quality reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language instruction so all students can achieve high levels of literacy success.

Our Model Supports Four Keys to Student Growth

For effective students growth in reading, writing, and language development, schools require focus and interaction between four key systems. Our professional development is designed to support each and their interconnectedness.

  • Focused Literacy Leadership and Coaching
    • Systems require streamlined and focused literacy leadership and expert instructional coaching.
  • Literacy- and Language-Rich Environment
    • Students require continuous opportunities to see, hear, speak, and compose literacy.
  • Evidence-Based Tier 1 Instruction
    • Ensuring our hard work as educators is the most effective and efficient as possible to support ALL students.
  • Responsive Differentiation
    • Structures and methods to make differentiation manageable and meaningful, including Tier 2 and specialist supports.

On-Site Work with The Educator Collaborative: You Classrooms, Your Kids, Your Goals

During visits, consultants work hands-on, in your classrooms, with you and your colleagues.

We demonstrate state-of-the-art practices, lead educators in immediately practicing methods with students, followed by collecting and analyzing student work.

Consultants also support administrators and coaches in developing literacy leadership practices that facilitate adult learning and help educators grow to meet their own professional goals.

Unlike some providers, we do not push a product or sell a boxed program. We work with you and your existing curriculum and help teachers use researched best-practices to support students. We know no textbook or teacher’s guide takes the place of knowledgeable and reflective educators.

Move your School’s Literacy Goals to your School’s Literacy Growth

Get to know our network of inspiring literacy consultants.

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*NYS educators, schools, and districts: we award CTLE hours during contracted, in-school school learning. Visit our CTLE page for details.

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