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Founding Director, Christopher Lehman, was inspired by a talk given by Thomas Newkirk at the NCTE Annual Convention in Boston in 2013. Dr. Newkirk looked out on the large audience and said, “who is next? Who will be the next generation of great educators to inspire our field?” From these rhetorical questions, the vision was born.

As Chris describes it, one major purpose for the foundation of The Educator Collaborative is to promote the ideas and propel the careers of inspiring educators who have the vision and expertise to impact our field for now and the future.

Our network of independent consultants all hold other positions in education: classroom teachers, coaches, district leaders, authors, and professors. They are dynamically self-driven, passionate about children and our profession, decorated, skilled, and hold the potential and promise for even greater impacts. They are specially selected to consult through the organization and once joined have an opportunity to interact in this dynamic community of practice.

The Educator Collaborative is a place for this dynamic and diverse team to come together to share ideas, develop bonds, and take up the work of changing classrooms to better our children.

What brings us together is a passion for innovation, a background in education, and a belief in children and our profession.

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