The Educator Collaborative is an Approved CTLE Sponsor for eligible* New York State certified Teachers, Level III Teaching Assistants, and Leaders.

TheEdCollab Consulting + CTLE Hours

Schools can provide CTLE hours for staff members with every Literacy Consulting visit.

Working with a The Educator Collaborative Consultant this school year? Jump to “In-School CTLE Hours” registration at the bottom of this page.

Our literacy consulting is inspiring, research based, and classroom-proven. For every hour of assigned learning with one of our consultants, during your school day or beyond, one CTLE hour can be accrued.

For example: Educators generally study with our consultants for 1.5-2 hours, each visit. If the consultant provides an after school workshop, this could be 2-3 contact hours. Over the course of 10 visits, eligible staff members could earn between, on average, 5-20 CTLE hours across the year. Potential totals will vary based on the number of contracted consulting days, schedule, and attendance.

*Eligibility Requirements

Review these Eligibility Requirements which include required procedures and policies.

This packet describes Eligibility Requirements, Policies, and Procedures for all NYS Teachers, Level III Teaching Assistants, and Leaders who would like to earn CTLE hours with The Educator Collaborative for In-School Literacy Consulting. (Other opportunities to earn with us have their own, similar, version.) Please review fully and carefully before setting out to earn CTLE hours with us.

When Can You Earn CTLE Hours with Us?

CTLE Hours are only available for specified opportunities and events, hosted by The Educator Collaborative. This is due to reporting requirements. At this time, we:

  • do provide CTLE Hours accrual for our consultant led school-based on-site and online consulting;

  • do provide CTLE Hours accrual for our consultant led on-site and online institutes and workshops hosted by schools or districts;

  • do not provide CTLE Hours for some events such our Gathering;

  • do not provide CTLE Hours for consulting contracted outside of The Educator Collaborative, even if it involves members of our staff;

  • and generally, do not provide CTLE Hours for events hosted by a third party, unless we have previously arranged this with the third party provider and it is noted by us on our website.
The best way to assure an opportunity will provide CTLE Hours accrual is to ask your TheEdCollab consultant or check our website. You may subscribe to our mailing list for updates to our events.

If You Meet the Above Eligibility Requirements: Register Here

Register Here

Be sure you meet the above Eligibility Requirements.

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