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Writing Workshop

The Educator Collaborative is an inclusive organization which affirms, celebrates, and includes in our instruction a myriad of global experiences and identities, including those of transgender, LGBTQ+, Black, Indigenous, Latino/a/x, Asian, Asian American, Pacific Islander, Muslim, Jewish, disabled, neurodivergent, and other persons. Our consultants, book selections, and professional development will not censor these or other identities.

The Educator Collaborative provides K-12 literacy professional development to schools across the United States and around the world. We provide expert support in areas like writing workshop, reading workshop, balanced literacy, anti-bias education, multilingual pedagogy, digital literacy, and standards integration.

Whether you are seeking yearlong literacy consulting and staff development for your school as it moves toward independent reading practices; on-site summer institutes to engage your colleagues in workshop instruction; a professional development day training on writing instruction; or online professional development resources to deepen your own pedagogy and content—we have the experience, passion, research-based practices, and engaging literacy consultants to support your professional growth.

Please feel free to contact us to talk more about how we can support you and your district's journey.

New York State Educators: We are an Approved CTLE (Continuing Teacher and Leader Education) Sponsor.

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Hands-on, interactive work with teachers and schools
JoEllen McCarthy, our K-5 Book Ambassador, demonstrates an engaging interactive read aloud during an in-school labsite.

School Partnerships

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We feel the most at home in classrooms, with your colleagues and kiddos. We provide in-school, mutli-day, long term professional development partnerships.

To promote educator’s growth and practice, while developing an atmosphere of trust and collaboration, our in-school models are built on research and best-practices in professional learning. A focus on developing a learning community within the school is paramount, created through teaming, inquiry, and feedback. Consultants work closely with leaders and other stakeholders to design a series of learning days that will move your school’s goals to your school’s growth.


Speaking Engagements

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We provide keynotes, break out sessions, full day workshops, and multi-day institutes, for organizations, conferences, conventions and schools.

Our full day workshops, like all of our work, provide a research-based balanced of theory and practice. We involve participants in the study and content and pedagogy, using real- classroom examples, work, and texts. Educators leave workshops with TheEdCollab feeling inspired—and ready—to incorporate new methods and practices into their teaching, coaching, or leadership.

Speaking Engagements: Keynotes, Featured Sessions, Interactive Daylong Workshops on writing workshop, reading workshop, balanced literacy, technology integration, and standards-alignment for K-12 educators.
Julia Torres and Christopher Lehman present on Culturally Responsive Literacy Instruction as part of the Cotsen Art of Teaching Alumni Series.

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The Study Series is a 12 session series of 1 hour workshops to view online live or on-demand.
Our annual 12 session web series.
Logo for The Educator Collaborative's Gathering, online conference.
Our biannual online literacy conference

Online Learning

Access is critical. So we provide free and low cost ways to learn with us from anywhere, at anytime.

Our high quality online offerings bring experts in our field to educators and schools regardless of location.

Our Gathering™️, biannual conference, streams live and then remains posted until the next September or April. Featured sessions, proposed sessions, and special guests provide a full day of literacy inspiration and practical learning. What's best? Because we record all sessions and keep them posted until the following Gathering, you can watch any of the sessions you missed! Look for the new Agenda just weeks before each conference day. Join our mailing list or follow us on social media to stay up to date.
Our Study Series™️ season brings captivating speakers and critical topics to individuals and teams. View live to interact with the presenters or watch the recording anytime through June 30 of each school year. Each one hour session in incredibly practical and brings to life the work of our literacy think tank and every season includes special guests. One seat invites you to "share your screen with your team," encouraging you to gather colleagues around a computer or even project your screen to an auditorium if you'd like!
In addition, we have many other online offerings and are always adding more. We invite you to check out the Global Kind Project™️ and our Community blog. Join our mailing list to keep updated on new events!

Books From our Network of Consultants

Strong Classrooms Self-Assessment

Self-Assessment is the Most Critical Learning

Our adult learning model, based on decades of research on educator development, is centered around the belief that educators grow through critical self-reflection.

All of our work, from in-school consulting, to workshops, to online sessions, is built to support this process. Our Strong Classrooms Self-Assessment is a free tool to support individual educators and schools in a self-study.