Kate Roberts

<<< Back to Our Consultants  Kate Roberts is an internationally recognized expert in elementary and secondary reading and writing practices, close reading, and student-centered instruction. Kate is a national literacy consultant, top-selling author, and popular keynote speaker. She taught reading and writing in Brooklyn, NY … Read More

Maggie Beattie Roberts

<<< Back to Our Consultants  Maggie Beattie Roberts is an internationally recognized expert in elementary and secondary literacy, content area literacy, and technology integration. Maggie began her teaching career in the heart of Chicago and then pursued graduate studies as a Literacy … Read More

Pernille Ripp

<<< Back to Our Consultants  Pernille Ripp is an expert in literacy and technology integration and dedicates her research and practice to developing engaged and empowered students and communities.  She is a teacher, speaker, author, blogger, and passionate advocate for education. She is … Read More

Chantal Francois


<<< Back to Our Consultants  Dr. Chantal Francois is an expert in child and adolescent literacy and has a research focus in areas of reading, writing, and the study of conventions. Chantal brings her experience as an urban public school teacher, a … Read More

Chad Everett


<<< Back to Our Consultants  Chad Everett is a self-proclaimed literacy and technology geek. His knowledge of effective technology practices to enhance student learning, coupled with his passion for literacy, makes him a significant resource in the school districts with … Read More

Katharine Hale


<<< Back to Our Consultants  Katharine Hale is an expert in individualized learning and technology integration in upper elementary and middle school grades. She is a former fourth and fifth grade teacher who focuses on designing authentic, future-ready learning environments … Read More

Rozlyn Linder


<<< Back to Our Consultants  Dr. Rozlyn Linder is a nationally recognized expert in elementary and middle school literacy instruction. She is a literacy consultant, author, and engaging educator with experience from elementary through college level. Rozlyn spent over a decade teaching in … Read More

Heather Rocco


<<< Back to Our Consultants  Heather Rocco brings expertise in education leadership and rigorous literacy instruction to The Educator Collaborative team. Heather is the recipient of the Outstanding Language Arts Educator from NJCTE as well as the Governor’s Award for … Read More

JoEllen McCarthy


<<< Back to Our Consultants  JoEllen McCarthy is a The Educator Collaborative team member and also our first Book Ambassador. JoEllen McCarthy, a dedicated educator for 20+ years, is a self-proclaimed “literacy geek.” Her considerable knowledge of effective literacy practices and child … Read More

Elizabeth Lacy Schoenberger


<<< Back to Our Consultants  Elizabeth Lacy Schoenberger brings expertise in standards-based grading, curriculum development, and instructional coaching to The Educator Collaborative. Elizabeth draws on vast experience in urban education, serving as a classroom teacher, Reading Specialist, literacy coach, Teacher Leadership support and … Read More

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