The Most Recent Global Kind Project Has Ended.

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The Global Kind Project invites preK-12 classrooms to reflect on our individual and collective roles in building a more empathetic, positive and inclusive society through inquiry and social action.

It was created and is hosted by The Educator Collaborative, an education think tank and professional development provider working to innovate the ways educators learn together.

During the month of May, educators and students are invited to participate in a self-guided project, by interacting with other classrooms, engaging in conversations and reflections, and digging deeply into what it means to be kind, ultimately becoming change makers within society.

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  • Choose any 4 weeks that work for you, they do not need to be consecutive.
  • Do not worry about falling behind, there are likely other classrooms with similar schedules to yours, find time to connect that works for you and any classrooms you partner with.


  • The Global Kind Project is open to all preK-12 educators and the students you serve. We suggest working together with one or more of your classes.
  • The Global Kind Project was created and is hosted by The Educator Collaborative, an education think tank and professional development provider working to innovate the ways educators learn together.

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Student Goals

  • Students will become more empathetic in the classroom and more aware of the world around them
  • Students will be inspired to take social action by developing and implementing service-learning projects to reach out within their communities
  • Students will use, with teacher supervision and support, social media and digital tools for learning and to collaborate with other classrooms and school communities
  • Students will engage with reading, writing, and digital literacy standards

Teacher Goals

  • Teachers will select and use diverse texts and well-researched resources to design rigorous, engaging and coherent instruction
  • Teachers will engage students with questioning and discussion techniques around relevant topics and texts
  • Teachers will engage in a professional community, using social media and digital tools to connect with other educators to improve their practice
  • Teachers will engage students in reading, writing, and digital literacy standards-based work across the Global Kind Project



*Disclaimer: Before connecting with another classroom, be sure your school/district’s policies support videoconferencing or other means of classroom to classroom sharing of student work, likenesses, and/or other information. “The Educator Collaborative,” “Global Kind Project,” and related logos are trademarks of The Educator Collaborative, LLC. Resources for the Global Kind Project are curated by educators, The Educator Collaborative does not claim ownership of any specific resource unless explicitly stated, all resources are posted via links freely available online. If you are copyright owner of information contained within a third party link, please first contact that third party. By participating in the Global Kind Project, you agree to be solely responsible for the methods, means, and resources you select and employ, you agree to secure in advance any required permissions or waivers necessary for student involvement, you agree you will directly oversee any student involvement and ensure it meets all applicable district, local, and federal laws and regulations, including privacy and fair use, and you agree to indemnify and hold harmless The Educator Collaborative, LLC, its members, managers, staff, and assignees from all claims arising from your involvement.

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