Please review the Additional Terms and Conditions for Virtual Think Tanks carefully before registering.

We aim to offer the highest quality, innovative, and inspiring professional development and collaboration opportunities. To that end it is important that we have an accurate accounting of registered participants and can fully fund the exciting experiences we will bring to you. Each Virtual Think Tank is made up of only a select and limited number of participants. Therefore, we must adhere to clear Terms and Conditions and appreciate your understanding. If you need clarification, please do not hesitate to write to us prior to registering. Once you have registered, you have agreed to abide by these additional terms and conditions.



General Terms and Conditions which govern this additional set of terms and conditions.


  • Individuals may apply for themselves or an unlimited number of others employed by their same district or organization, provided he or she is authorized to make purchases on behalf of the listed individuals.
  • All admittance decisions are private and final. All decisions are based on multiple factors, however no individual will be denied on basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, location, age, disability, or national origin. To the best we are able, The Educator Collaborative will attempt to make reasonable accommodations for an accepted registrant with a disability.


  • One virtual “seat” is equal to, and may only to be used for, one specific and identifiable person.
  • Virtual Think Tanks do not allow more than one person to use a seat. Participants will appear live on camera and audio and this requirement is strictly enforced in order to provide an intimate and safe, personal learning environment.
  • An individual is considered “registered” after they have completed a registration on our website, have been accepted, and have made a full in one of the ways described below.


  • Payment is due within 15 days of Admittance Notice. Unpaid applications will be canceled.
  • Credit Card: Payment from individuals or schools/organizations outside of the United States is only accepted by credit card. The full payment is due at time of registration.
  • Purchase Order: Payment from accredited schools and districts in the United States may be made by Purchase Order for the full amount (term: Net 30. Seats are competitive, we require full payment before the first session. Unpaid Purchase Orders may result in canceled registration).
  • Please contact us if you have special circumstances and, when possible, we will do our best to accommodate.

Cancellations and Substitutions

  • If you have already registered and later need to cancel your seat (or one you created for another employee), you must write an email to to request a cancellation.
  • We provide a ten business day grace period, ending at 11:59 EST on the tenth business day after your registration, to cancel your registration(s) for a full refund.
  • After registering, if you wish to cancel or substitute a seat 10 business days after your registration and up to 20 calendar days after the first scheduled session you will receive a refund for that seat minus a $105 cancelation fee, per canceled or substituted seat.
  • If you wish to cancel or substitute a seat more than 20 days after the first scheduled session then you will forfeit that seat’s entire registration fee and no refund will be given.
  • We strongly advise against substitutions after the first session as it disrupts the community forming within each group and may be harder to catch a new participant up.
  • 20 days after the first session, if we have not received prior written notice of cancellation, no refund or credit will be given, regardless if a registrant attends or not.

Missing Sessions or Non-Attendance

  • The online Virtual Think Tank is a live collaborative meeting of educators. These sessions only take place during the scheduled times, live. While we know schedules are busy, consider these sessions similar to any in-person course or group meeting.
  • By registering, you agree to free your schedule so you can attend all sessions for the full time. While we understand things sometimes come up, there are generally no methods to “make up” sessions you have missed and no credits issued for future offerings.
  • These sessions are generally not recorded. Though, in some instances, and only with your prior consent, for The Educator Collaborative, LLC’s internal-use, we may record sessions to aid in our internal development/review, for marketing, or other purposes.  Again, you would be asked for prior consent and no recording will take place without your consent.
  • 20 days after the first session, if we have not received prior written notice of cancellation, no refund or credit will be given, regardless if you attend or not.


  • Please review the Minimum Technology Requirements available on our website.
  • Important Note: At this time, our Virtual Think Tanks meet using Google Hangout. You must register for a free Google+ account prior to the first session (this is not the same as having a address, though the two can be linked).
  • As computer, networks, and various other factors vary widely, we do not guarantee you will be able to connect to live sessions successfully. We are unable to provide technical assistance once a session has begun. Plan to test your equipment and/or contact us at least 48 hours in advance to allow time for troubleshooting.
  • We usually do not provide refunds due to technology issues on the user end, in some cases you may be able to phone-in if your technology is not working during a particular session. However, we discourage phoning in for more than one session.
  • If you have tested your equipment in advance and have contacted us prior to your sessions and you are still unable to connect, please write an email to us at and we are happy to work with you to find a resolution.

Extenuating Circumstances

  • We aim to adhere to the schedule of sessions. If one of our consultants becomes ill or unable to lead a session we will provide a replacement consultant for the same time/date or alternatively, your cohort members, along with the consultant, may select an alternate date/time and if mutually agreeable the session with go on as rescheduled. No refunds or credits will be given in these instances.
  •  If we cannot provide an alternate consultant and are forced to change the date of a session, we will work with you to find a resolution including, but not limited to, a mutually agreeable make-up session, or offering to cancel your registration and refund any remaining fees if you no longer wish to participate given the schedule change.
  • If extenuating circumstances arise, such as natural disasters, severe illness, registration problems, or other issues, please write an email to us at and will we work with you to resolve the situation to your satisfaction.