Please review the Additional Terms and Conditions for the Study Series carefully before registering.

We aim to offer the highest quality, innovative, and inspiring professional development and collaboration opportunities. To that end it is important that we have an accurate accounting of registered participants and can fully fund the exciting experiences we will bring to you. Each event is made up of only a select and limited number of participants. Therefore, we must adhere to clear Terms and Conditions and appreciate your understanding. If you need clarification, please do not hesitate to write to us prior to registering. Once you have registered, you have agreed to abide by these additional terms and conditions.



Please read our General Terms and Conditions which govern this additional set of terms and conditions.


  • Individuals may apply for themselves or an unlimited number of others employed by their district or organization, until the available number of “seats” have been filled.
  • One virtual “seat” is equal to, and may only to be used for, one specific and identifiable person. This one person is then granted a “Group Viewing License” which allows then to invite a group of employees from the same school or organization to view all registered sessions in-person, together on the same screen.

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The Educator Collaborative’s Study Series “Group Viewing Video License”

Simple Language Version

By registering for a Study Series seat, The Educator Collaborative is granting you the limited right to view the Sessions you have registered for and invite colleagues to sit with you. We are granting this in an effort to promote collaboration and professional learning amongst you and your colleagues. We believe we learn best together. Here we outline what this means in simple language. Note that there are a number of limits to what you can and can’t do, we are doing this to protect your purchase, the work of presenters and our organization.

With this License you may:

• Invite colleagues from your own school or organization to bring chairs and sit with you while watching the live or recording of the Session(s) you have registered for. This could be a small or large group, but must be colleagues from you employing school or organization.

There are limits to this License, which include:

  • The Educator Collaborative and/or session presenters own all copyrights and reserve all rights to the content presented.
  • You may only share with colleagues from your school or organization.

o For example: You may invite your grade level team or even entire department to watch with you. However, you may not travel to other schools or districts and show all or part of the recording.

  • This License is single organization or single school-based and does not extend to a full district.Any school interested in Group Viewing would need to register for a seat.
  • You may not charge any fee of any kind for others to view with you.

o For example: You may not sell tickets, ask for a donation, or be in the midst of conducting business for any school or organization other than your employer (such as performing consulting or speaking work).

  • You may not record, download, or otherwise save for future use all or any portion of any Session’s video, including live and recorded formats.
  • You may not broadcast or rebroadcast beyond the provided live stream or provided recording log-ins.

o For example: You may have your grade level colleagues pull up a chair and sit next to you in a classroom to watch. However, you may not broadcast your live stream to screens throughout your district. You also may not record a broadcast on your own device and show that recording to others.

  • You may not share your log-in information for live stream or recordings with anyone.
  • For the purposes of this License we define “colleagues” as employees of the same school or organization of which you are also employed.

o For example: Fourth grades teachers from your school are considered “colleagues” you can share with. However, independent contractors that work with your school, teachers from a neighboring district, or students in colleague course you teach are not considered “colleagues.”

If you have any questions or a unique situation you would like to discuss, please contact us.

Failure to comply with the expectations set forth herein may result in any or all of the following, including but not limited to: canceled registration without refund; canceled registrations for any offerings for other members of the same organization, school, or district; legal action.

Click here to view the full License including Legal Language Version


  • While we prefer individual participants join us for the entire year, the Study Series does permit a few one-time substitutions for individual webinar sessions (described below) as so long as only one specific and identifiable person is using the seat for that session.
  • An individual is considered “registered” after they have completed the online registration process and payment has been processed and received.
  • The Educator Collaborative reserves the right to deny or revoke registration to any individual for any reason, these decisions are private and final. Depending on the timing of this decision (as described below) full, partial, or no payment may be refunded.  If you have questions about your eligibility, please contact us prior to registration.


  • Upon successful completion of a Session, meeting the requirements of our course (e.g. quiz, assignment, etc. as described) only the one member named in the registration will have the option to immediately print a Certificate or continue to accrue hours and print a Certificate at a later date.
  • Only the one member named in registration will appear on the certificate.
    • If other individuals would like a certificate with their name printed then they must register and complete the course requirements as stated. This is a requirement to verify course hours, there are no exceptions.
  • Members must print or save Certificate(s) before the end of the course period.
  • Certificates are available for access at anytime during the course period, after the course period concludes, members may no longer have access and the site administrators may not have the ability to reprint certificates.
  • The Educator Collaborative is not a credit granting organization, instead these certificates document your professional development course hours with us. Before registering, secure with your district’s administration verification if any professional development provided by The Educator Collaborative may be used in any manner you are seeking. We do not imply nor guaranteed our professional development offerings will meet your district’s unique requirements and you agree to secure this information, directly from your district, for yourself or other employees, prior to registering.


  • Payment is due at time of registration and no later than five (5) business days before the start of the Study Series. Five (5) business days prior to the start of the Study Series unpaid registrations will be canceled.
  • Credit Card: Payment from individuals are only accepted by credit card. The full payment is due at time of registration.
  • Purchase Order: Payment from United States schools and districts may be made by Purchase Order (term: Net 30).
  • Payment Plan: In some instances, payment plans are available through our website or through conversation with us. Payment Plans (incremental invoices, or other arrangements) are provided as a service to members, however, still require the full balance and timely payment of installments. Payment Plans follow the same Terms and Conditions outlined herein.
    • If a schedule payment is missed, for any reason, access to all course material and certificates will be paused, regardless of completion or prior balances paid, until payment continues.
    • Unpaid balances lasting more than fifteen (15) days will result in canceled registration and full remaining balance will immediately be due.
  • Please contact us if you have special circumstances and, when possible, we will do our best to accommodate.

Cancellations and Substitutions

Event spaces are limited and we must make use of every available seat. These strict guidelines ensure every person who wishes to actively attend has an equal opportunity to do so. Thank you for your understanding.

  • If you have already registered and later need to cancel your seat (or one you created for another employee), you must write an email to to request a cancellation. Each session you wish to cancel must be clearly listed in your email and will be checked against our records.
  • Single Session Registrations (including multiple Single Session registrations):
    • “Single Session Registrations” are any member who is not registered for the Full Year series and instead as one or multiple a la cart registrations.
    • Within 36 hours after the registration, but not less than 24 hours prior to the registered Session start time (“Grace Period”), you may cancel for a full refund. This policy is based on clock hours regardless of day of the week (e.g. a registration on a Friday at noon would have a Grace Period up until Saturday at midnight so long as the Session does not begin less than 24 hours within that time period).
    • Do not register less than 36 hours before a Session unless you are certain you will attend as a complete refund cannot be granted after that time, whether you viewed or not.
    • If you wish to cancel any Single Session after the Grade Period, you will forfeit your entire registration fee for that Session.
  • Full Year Registrations are granted more flexibility in cancellations:
    • “Full Year Registrations” are any members of the Full Year Series, but not members of a Virtual Think Tank cohort with Full Year Registration included (for cancellation policies for Virtual Think Tanks, please see those Terms).
    • Full Year members may not cancel Single Sessions for a refund, instead, per these Terms, may only cancel the entire remainder of their Full Series as described. Members may then reregister for any Single Sessions of their choosing at any time.
    • Within 36 hours after a registration, but not less than 24 hours before the first (1st) Session start time (“Grace Period”), you may cancel for a full refund of the entire Full Year Study Series.
    • If you wish to cancel after the Grace Period and within three (3) calendar days AFTER any of the first four (4) Sessions you will receive a refund calculated as follows:
      • “Registration Fee” multiplied by ((“Total Number of Season’s Sessions” – “Number of Sessions Presented to Date”) divided by “Total Number of Season’s Sessions”) minus a $75.00 “Administrative Fee.”
        • For example, cancellation after the third session would be: $Fee x ((12-3)/12) – $75
      • This is calculated whether you viewed each session presented or not.
      • Each Session already presented will remain within your membership after cancellation, all others will be cancelled.
    • If you wish to cancel after three (3) days following the fourth (4th) Session is presented you will forfeit your entire fee.
  • Participant substitutions, for the same seat and registration level, are not encouraged, however one-time substitutions are permitted for up to 5 webinars within the series. One-time changes can be made prior to the session by writing to and specifying the webinar session, current name and email, and substitution name and email.

Missing Sessions or Non-Attendance

  • The online, Study Series, is a live collaborative meeting of educators. These sessions take place during the scheduled times on our website, live.
  • By registering, you agree to free your schedule so you can attend all sessions for the full time. While we understand things sometimes come up, there are generally no methods to “make up” live sessions you have missed other than viewing the recording (described below).
  • No credits or refunds will be issued other than those described under “Cancellations and Substitutions.”

Recording Access and Consent to Record

  • Study Series sessions are recorded and available through June 30 of the school year for which the session have been offered, for the registered members and those viewing under the Group Viewing License.
  • All recordings are owned by The Educator Collaborative, LLC, all rights reserved. Recordings may not be rerecorded or disseminated by any means other than through the provided link/website during the Viewing Period.
  • Registering for the Study Series means you acknowledge and consent to having each webinar session, and your participation within each, recorded and shared publicly. This includes but is not limited to: your provided screen name, your chat messages, your voice, and your video, if shared during the session.


  • For live sessions, please review the Technology Requirements sent you in your registration information.
  • For recorded sessions, please review the information posted on our website.
  • As computer, networks, and various other factors vary widely, we do not guarantee you will be able to connect to live/recorded sessions successfully. We are unable to provide technical assistance once a session has begun. Plan to test your equipment and/or contact us at least 48 hours in advance to allow time for troubleshooting.
  • We usually do not provide refunds due to technology issues on the user end, all sessions are recorded (as described above).
  • If you have tested your equipment in advance and have contacted us prior to your sessions and you are still unable to connect, please write an email to us at and we are happy to work with you to find a resolution.

Extenuating Circumstances

  • We aim to adhere to the schedule of sessions. If presenter(s) become ill or unable to lead a session we will issue notification and as soon as possible will note a make-up session or replacement presenter(s).
  • If the make-up session does not work for you, we suggest you view the recording. If that is not satisfactory, we will work with you to find a resolution including, but not limited to, offering to cancel your registration and refund any remaining fees if you no longer wish to participate given the schedule change.
  • If extenuating circumstances arise which impact your participation, such as natural disasters, severe illness, registration problems, or other issues, please write an email to us at and will we work with you to resolve the situation as best we can.
  • In the unlikely case that a Force Majeure event makes it impossible or dangerous for The Educator Collaborative to present a scheduled session, registered participants will be notified and we will work with you to find an agreeable resolution, including but not limited to a rescheduled event.


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