#TheEdCollabGathering Session Proposal

Session Description and Terms

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  • Live-streaming sessions are 45 minutes on one topic.
  • Everyone is volunteering their time. We do, though, hope the outreach and ability to share your ideas and insights makes it worth your time.
  • We welcome you sharing your website, social media, and other contact information, however these sessions should not be used as explicit product demonstrations.
  • We will broadcast live with Google Hangouts On Air. Sessions will be automatically recorded and will appear on our YouTube channel after broadcast. Sessions will stay archived on Gathering.TheEducatorCollaborative.com until the next gathering and our YouTube channel until taken down.
  • If your session is selected, you will work with one of our Tech Team members to practice.
  • Plan to be available at least one hour before your scheduled session to have a final technology check.
  • Please adhere to a strict 40-45 minute session.
  • Very important: Due to United States law and Google/Youtube’s strict copyright rules, you may not play audio, video, or show images or text that you do not own or that do not meet fair-use laws. You must accept our Terms and Conditions, including acknowledgment of copyright law, in order to submit a proposal. Google’s Copyright page is really helpful for understanding these rules: http://goo.gl/fFF7wE

Technical Requirements and Suggestions

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  • In order to present, you will need:
    • Required: A hardwired, high bandwith internet connection (while wifi will often work, we recommend directly connecting to your internet router, if possible, in order to broadcast your best possible video).
    • Required: A webcamera. The one in your laptop works perfectly well. If the image is not crisp there are many low cost HD external webcameras available. We do not recommend using a tablet or phone.
    • Required:  Headphones with a microphone (this provides the best audio – ones that come with iDevices work well). If you rather go without headphones, we do recommend having an external mic far from your laptop speakers.
    • We will share further recommendations with you if your session is selected.



Thank you for your interest. The proposal period has closed. Please join us on September 28! We hope you will consider submitting a proposal for our next #TheEdCollabGathering!