#TheEdCollabGathering Tech Team Application

Tech Team Expectations

  • Tech Team volunteer time commitment: About 4-10 hours, spread across about 1-2 months. Most time is on the day-of.
    • About 2-3 hours on the Gathering day (hosting about two, 45-minute sessions and logging in with presenters beforehand).
    • About 1-2 hours of pre-Gathering practice sessions with your presenters.
    • About 30 mins-2 hours of technology set-up and learning. Our co-leaders host online, hands-on sessions for new Tech Team members and other documentation. We’ve successfully train many Tech Team members to host successful sessions.
  • What to expect:
    • A dedicated team that really supports one another. If you have questions or need help with practice sessions, you’ll find everyone amazingly giving of their time and talents.
  • Successful Tech Team members:
    • Don’t need to be familiar with our specific technology, though familiarity or openness to learning new tech tools is a plus.
    • Can multi-task.
    • Are problem solvers.
    • Have great communication skills and feel comfortable working with others.




Tech Team Application for #TheEdCollabGathering

  • Please use an email that you check often. Be sure you can receive emails from "Contact@TheEducatorCollaborative.com".
  • We will only use if having difficultly contacting you via email.

    Submitting from outside the US? Please indicate if you have a WhatsApp or Voxer account that we may also use if we are having trouble contacting you.
  • Do you affiliate yourself with group(s) historically underrepresented in Literacy professional development? If you would like to self-identify please do so here.

    While affiliation does not guarantee acceptance, our aim is to support the exceptional work of educators often undervalued in professional spaces.
  • Which time slots would you be available to host sessions during our next Gathering? The more you select the more likely we could accept your application.
  • The tech support team provides behind the scenes support for running #TheEdCollabGathering. Everyone volunteers their time in a fast paced and supportive environment. Experience with the digital tools we employ is a plus, but not necessary. Instead we are looking for people who are fast learners, problem solvers, and cool under pressure.

    Familiarity with Zoom, YouTube Live, and Twitter are pluses though not required.

    Good public speaking skills are preferred as you will briefly introduce and conclude sessions.
  • Anything else we should know regarding your Application to join our Tech Support Team for the next #TheEdCollabGathering?
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