Personal Data Export or Removal

  • Complete the form below to start the processing of your request to export and/or remove your personal data from one or more of our websites.

    After completing this form, in a few days you will receive one email for each website you have indicated. This email is to verify your identity and your request. You must click the link in each email to have your request fulfilled.

    Several of our websites collect very little, if any, personal data. It is possible your personal data may not have been collected or stored on our websites at any time. If that is the case, your request will end with that notification.

    Removing your personal data from our websites may result in limited or no functionality, including but not limited to: in-ability to sign-in, being unenrolled from active courses, inability to request copies of certificates, CTLE hours, or other learning verification, inability to issue refunds (when applicable), and so on.

    For more information on the data we may collect, please visit our Privacy Policy.
    Note: If during our review we find none of your personal data was collected and stored by our website(s), your request will be closed and we will alert you.
  • I understand that this request will be verified through an email to the address I have provided. I understand I must click the link provided in that email to verify my identity and my request. If I do not click the link in the email, this request will not be processed.

    I understand one verification email will come per website I have indicated. I understand I must click the verification link in each email. Failure to click the verification link in any email will result in the request regarding that specific website not being granted.

    I understand this process may take 7-14 days from the date I click the verification link to complete.

    I understand that deleting my personal information may limit or stop functionality, reporting, or other functions of each website. For instance, removing my personal data from may unenroll me from courses, remove evidence of past completed courses, and remove past or current purchases.

    I understand a request to remove personal data does not constitute a reason for refund of all or some of previously paid or pending registrations. Refund policies are clearly stated and if any active or pending registrations do not fall within our Refund Policy, you agree to forfeit previously paid registrations and complete payment on any pending invoices (e.g. a Purchase Order waiting to be paid).

    I understand that if and when a "removal" request is granted, it cannot be changed. All information removed will be removed permanently with no ability to undo the request.

    I understand The Educator Collaborative, LLC, will do its best to comply fully with my request, but I also understand, based on the limitation of current tools, occasionally some data may be missed. Missed data is unintentional and if brought to the organization's attention, the data missed during the authorized review will be handled in the same fashion as this request. For example: your name cited in a blog post by another author may unintentionally be missed during a data review. If found later, we would, as permitted by copyright law, work with the author to seek removal of your name.

    I understand this data request will related to any personal data collected and stored by The Educator Collaborative's website(s) I indicated, from the first time I interacted with the website(s) up through the date I submit this form.

    I understand that if I interact with The Educator Collaborative website(s) after the completion of this request, new data may be collected. I understand I would need to file a new request regarding any new data.

    By creating this request, you attest to understanding and agreeing with the following statements. You also attest to all information provided by you to be accurate.

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