The Educator Collaborative issues digital badges as a symbol of your dedication to learning and to celebrate your professional growth.  We currently issue badges for af2e834c1e23ab30f1d672579d61c25a_15select offerings and learning opportunities, however these will continue to expand.

To learn about digital badges, check out this video or read this post by Laura Fleming.

Note: The Educator Collaborative is not a credit granting institution. While increasingly more and more schools and organizations support “digital micro-credentialing” (a fancy term for badges), please be sure to speak with your employer regarding the potential uses of our digital badges for evaluation evidence or other opportunities before registering for any of our offerings.

Have you earned a digital badge from The Educator Collaborative? Click the arrow below for Frequently Asked Questions.

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  • How will I receive my badge?
    • We will contact you using the email address you supplied when registering.  You will receive a printable/savable email containing all of your badge information. Additionally, you will be invited to create a free account with a badging platform, Credly, which will give you many more options for sharing, displaying and allowing others to verify your badge credential.
  • My email says something about Credly, what is that?
    • Credly is a free (Pro upgrade available) site that houses digital badges. Think of it like a portfolio. Any digital badges you receive from us – or from almost anyone – can be housed there.  This allows you to share a link to your page or to individual badges with anyone you’d like, including employers and your social network.
  • I love my badge! Can I share it on Facebook or other social media? 
  • My employer wants to verify the authenticity of the badge, is there a way to do this?
    • This is one of the benefits of digital badges. When linking back to your badge’s webpage, any visitor can review a description of the criteria for earning the badge and link to the issuing-organization (in this case, us!) to verify the authenticity of the badge. Note: every employer has a slightly different set of rules for verification, please discuss badging requirements and make sure our system provides what you need before applying to one of our offerings.
  • I use Mozilla Backpack to store my badges, can I share this badge there? 
  • I have a question not listed here. 
    • Please first visit the Credly Knowledge Base page on earning badges. If you are still stuck, write to us at


Our Currently Available Digital Badges

Note: Badges are official and verified only if they track back to our https://Credly/u/TheEdCollab page and contain a specific user’s name.


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