Sarah Norsworthy

K-8 Instructor in Maine

For over 20 years, Sarah has been a collaborative educator, teaching, providing interventions, coaching and inspiring educational technology integration.

A doctoral student who holds her M.Ed in Reading Education from the University of New Hampshire and a University of Maine trained literacy coach, Sarah’s expertise is in literacy acquisition and development.  She has coached educators and taught students from preschool through 6th grades.

Foundational to her work is the belief that actively countering the symptoms of systemic racism through noticing and naming the ways in which white dominant culture functions in the United States allows us to construct and deliver a just, culturally and emotionally responsive education. Students thrive in emotionally safe learning environments – the creation of these spaces necessitates talking honestly and opening about issues that matter to students.  Sarah is adept at these conversations.  Her work is grounded in, but not limited to, implications for literacy instruction, and how we might leverage technology in service to our work.  Her current context is that of a remote public school educator serving students K-8.

Sarah lives in Maine with her husband, 2 children and a harmony of chickens.

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