The Educator Collaborative provides K-12 literacy professional development to schools across the United States, Canada, and around the world. We provide expert support in areas like writing workshop, reading workshop, balanced literacy and standards integration.

Our network of consultants are recognized authors, experts, popular speakers, and beloved educators. Our mission is to innovate the ways that educators learn together and we do this every day through our model lessons in schools, keynotes at popular conferences and our full breadth of inspiring online learning opportunities.

We do not stop at just our amazing network, we regularly invite special guests to share their deep expertise with our community in topics like conferring in the writing workshop, engaging all readers in a balanced literacy classroom, culturally relevant pedagogy and best practices for supporting students in meeting state standards.

Take your time, look around, and please feel free to contact us to talk more about how we can support you and your district's journey.

Registration Open Now!

Registration OPEN NOW
for another inspiring year of literacy learning!

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Personalized and Intensive Learning

Interactive, extremely practical and absolutely inspiring. Led by experts in the field. 


The Study Series is an engaging, practical, and interactive series of 12 web sessions led by engaging speakers on a variety of topics critical to K-12 Literacy and ELA success.

Every registration comes with a Group Viewing License, which allows the member to share their screen with anyone and everyone at their school. Literacy coaches have used sessions to lead PD groups. Colleagues have viewed sessions during PLC meetings. It's incredibly affordable and absolutely inspiring.

Study Series sessions are aligned to nationally recognized standards (CCSS, Danielson Framework, ISTE Technology for Students), view individual session pages for more information. Registered members receive a Certificate of Professional Development.

I have to thank you, as a coach, the Study Series is invaluable to my team.”

Registration Has Closed

2017-18 Registration Has Closed

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The Virtual Think Tanks exceeded my expectations and my goals."

Virtual Think Tanks take engaged educators and bring you farther in you practice. Perfect for teacher leaders, literacy coaches, administrators.

Small, intensive cohorts meet online, across the school year to deeply study a topic. Members are invited to then apply their learning at their home site and then bring back their efforts during each session.

Each Virtual Think Tank membership includes a Full Year Study Series to share with an entire school team.

Virtual Think Tanks are aligned to nationally recognized standards (CCSS, Danielson Framework, ISTE Technology for Students). Members receive a Certificate at the completion of the cohort year.

JoEllen McCarthy, our Book Ambassador, demonstrates an engaging interactive read aloud.

Keynotes, Featured Sessions and Institutes

Our internationally recognized experts lead engaging and sought-after sessions at national, state, local, and district conferences.

If your wishlist includes:

⭐️ Engaging speaker

⭐️ Practical, real-classroom focused

⭐️ Research-based literacy practices

⭐️ Inspiring and fun

Then we have just the right person for you!

Our experts have been featured speakers at NCTE, ILA, ISTE, universities, state conferences, local workshops, and conferences around the globe.  

Request speakers or share your goals and we will help you find the perfect expert for your event.


In Classrooms, Hands-on Inspiration

Multi-day, onsite consulting that is not just theory but real practice. In your classrooms, with your students and colleagues.

Christopher Lehman, author of Energize Research Reading and Writing, visiting your school and demonstrating nonfiction note-taking strategies during your reading workshop. Rozlyn Linder, author of Big Book of Details, onsite with your district, developing best practice for your writing workshop. Kristi Mraz, coauthor of Purposeful Play, supporting you and your staff in conferring with young readers and integrating play-based practices. Heather Rocco, award winning English Language Arts supervisor, supporting literacy coaches and leaders in best-practices in instructional leadership. And more!

We match our expertise with your goals!

Get to know our team or request support

Christopher Lehman, Kristin Ziemke, and Maggie Beattie Roberts speak about writing instruction in the digital age at the International Society of Technology in Education (ISTE) conference.

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